Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't You Just Love A Bargain?*

Anthropologie is hands down my favorite store ever, but there is no way I could afford to shop there for real. I will admit, I am that girl who walks in and makes a beeline for the sale section every time. It takes some digging, but I've ended up with some pretty great pieces at major discounts. Case in point - there was this one dress I had been obsessing over all summer, and in the back of my mind I was hoping maybe I'd get lucky and find one. Well, I had to stop myself from squealing with excitement when I found it in my size...

It was the very last one and I nearly took out some poor woman when I practically jumped over her to grab it, but it was totally worth it. Originally $128, I took it home for $40!!!! I obviously can't wear it til next summer, but I know I'll wear the crap out of it when the time comes. This just goes to show that shopping off season is a great way to save some major money on the pieces that are normally out of reach. Even though I didn't get a single thing I went to the mall for, I have to say I got a huge kick out of this purchase. Consider me a bargain shopper!

*Yep, I totally stole that title from the Christmas Tree Shop jingle...I bet it's stuck in your head now, right?

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