Thursday, October 8, 2009

Color Inspiration: Shades of Grey

I am so intruiged by these moody, soft interiors. I've been seeing shades of grey everywhere lately, and while I think a lot of them are so gorgeous, I'm still a bit weary of the color. When done well, grey can evoke many different feelings in a space. But choose the wrong shade and you might end up with something a little drab. I think the key is be very specific when choosing your shade and then commit to the look. The shade of grey you choose really dictates the overall feeling of the room. If you want that moody feeling, then really embrace it with dark charcoal, dramatic mood lighting, and minimal contrast. If you want a soft, feminine feeling, choose an ash tone, then add lots of white and soft texture. I think my personal favorite is to choose a warm grey and inject shots of deeply saturated color throughout the space for contrast. This keeps your eye from completely sinking into the grey and softens super bold colors. This is definitely a challenge to consider...

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