Friday, July 10, 2009

Treasure Hunt

This summer, my dad and I are embarking on the bittersweet and daunting task of cleaning out my grandmothers house. While she is still very much alive and kickin', last fall it became clear that Alzheimer's had gotten the best of her, and that a nursing home would be a safer place for her to live. Since then, her home has been basically abandoned, save for some family members staying over when they come to visit a few times a year. Last week we went up to check out just exactly how much work needed to be done (turns out a LOT), and I stumbled across some seriously amazing finds. I had no idea my grandmother had such cool vintage stuff! My dad seems to think that she found the majority of it in the trash, and that it's probably a lot of junk, but that doesn't bother me. I don't care if it's a real antique or a crappy knockoff, if it looks cool, I love it. It's an absolute sin for this stuff to just sit up there, so I'm starting to plan a few projects. Here's a few things I spotted.

This headboard has just been hanging out under a blanket in the corner of a spare bedroom for as long as I can remember - I had no idea this was what was hiding under there. I really don't know anything about antiques, but I'm thinking this piece might actually be worth something.

This amazing curio has curved panes of glass on either side - I'm always terrified that someone might trip and accidentally break it. It was originally mahogany, and if my Grandmother hadn't painted it it, would probably be worth something. And so many pretty teacups! (And yes, that would be plaid wallpaper circa 1970 in the dining room - yikes!)

This is apparently a '"Hi-Fi" according to my dad. An old record player/radio type deal. I love the shape, but it could definitely use some sprucing up in the way of paint or stain. Project!

This little lady is a piece of nostalgia for me. My sister and I were obsessed with her when we were younger, but we weren't really allowed to touch her, for fear of some sort of accident. Well, if you look real close, you can see that I did one day manage to get my hands on her...and then promptly cracked her head right off. Whoops!

And this is the piece I am mostd excited about! This is one of those things my dad assures me came from the trash and has been in the house since the 19 50's. I know it looks pretty gross, but with new fabric/cushions and a nice dark stain, I will have my very own little low slung mid-century modern type chair! I've actually never really done a project like this before, but I have been so inspired by so many DIY blogs, that I have been dying to give it a shot.

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