Monday, June 22, 2009

Mystic Street

One of my favorite parts about designing has always been the artistic aspect of it. I've never really been great at freehand drawing or painting, so rendering is the perfect way for me to be artistic and creative. Rendering is straightforward and easy for me to understand, but within that there are all sorts of techniques and subtleties that can transform a picture and make it endlessly fascinating. I've been a little out of practice the past couple years, but my Dad has been encouraging me to try my hand at some house portraits. So as a Father's Day gift to him, I gave it a shot using our house as my first model. Our home is a Folk/Stick Style Victorian (read: A knock-off Victorian done on the cheap, basically) built around 1885. It's oddly configured, and creaky, and crumbling in some places, but I love it.

This one ended up being done entirely in colored pencil, but I think I'm gonna explore some other mediums and see what happens. I have a list of places, homes (including the actual Peck Avenue itself), objects, and interiors that I'm itching to try now, so I can't wait to start practicing, and really get back into it.

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