Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bargain Beauty

Back in this post, I professed my undying love for the Cellula Chandelier. I have dreamt of someday owning one, but with a pricetag of $2,600, I hate to admit that it was a bit of a distant and highly unlikely wish. That is until the design gods smiled down on me and presented me with THIS:

A clear knockoff of the original for $350!!! If I was better at math, I would figure out what the actual discount is, but I'm not, so let's just say that is a SERIOUS bargain. Now, I have to admit, I still don't love it as much as I do the Cellula - it's somewhat shorter which takes away from the elegance a bit - but for that price, who the hell cares?! Close enough! The only problem is that I don't actually have an apartment/home of my own to put it in just yet. *sigh* So hopefully when that day finally comes, it will still be around. I'll have to seriously resist the urge to just buy it anyways.

I found this amazing deal while searching around Z Gallerie. I'm pretty sure everyone already knows about this site, but I just found it, so I'm a little late to the game. But what an awesome resource for unique pieces that are pretty reasonably priced. A few more things I'll have to restrain from purchasing:

Pottery Barn had lamps similar to this one last year ( in black with a woven metal shade - gaaah) that I was completely obsessed with and came thisclose to buying on sale for $100 a pop despite having any actual place for them whatsoever. Practicality is out the window when something is this pretty, and if it's possible, I think I love this version even more. Again, here's hoping they stick around....

A ceramic rhino is possibly the last thing I would ever think to add to my decor, but this little guy is just so short and fat and oddly cute, I think he would be a great unexpected accent. Something this random would be sure to cheer me up on even the crappiest of days.

A little bit Hollywood Regency, a little bit badass rock and roll makes for a gorgeous combination on this umbrella stand.

Who doesn't love a bold wingback chair? And in leather with a nailhead trim, no less. A great way to add a touch of masculinity to an otherwise feminine space while still keeping things pretty.

I love how this abstract print has an almost playful feeling about it. The colors and textures would make for a great addition in a retro eclectic space, or a bold statement piece in an otherwise minmal room.

Ok, ok, enough dreaming...back to reality for me...

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