Saturday, December 12, 2009

You Ugly

But you're also kind of badass. Rock on with your tacky self, house.


  1. Ach. What happened to my comment?!
    Anywhoo. For the second time. So funny that I choked with laughter. You are now on my blogroll.

  2. Haha... this post made me laugh!! I just found your blog... very creative and I love it!!! I also LOVE BOSTON and I am planning a trip to visit a good friend there in the Spring. I went two years ago and found myself never wanting to leave. Happy Blogging!!

  3. ha! that is so funny. no neighborhood association in that area.

    You know, I went into Aunt Sadies the other day and they have downsized and do not have half of what they used to have:( But I would call the store and ask. They had a ton when I was in there a couple of months ago and I remember thinking that was a really good deal