Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I Want To Go To There" Wednesday

I feel like expanding on the typical IWTGTTW post today because it is a snowy, rainy, slushy mess outside and I am not a fan. Plus, this house is pretty awesome.

The entire design seems to revolve around the location, especially the oversized deck. I love how the subtle incline is like one giant, built-in lounge chair, perfect for sunbathing.

What I find really interesting is the contrast in architecture between the front and back of the house. So private on one side, so open on the other - it looks like two entirely different homes.

And not a bad view at all. Seriously, I would hang out with those kids if it meant I got to lounge on this deck all day.

(via Digs Digs)


  1. This house is so sexy, it's not even vaguely appropriate for those children to be there.

  2. I want to go there too. My kids will have to wear pads, because we love all things modern.