Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The House: Good and Bad

I know I've been a little stingy with house updates, but nothing too exciting has been going on. We're in that stage of getting all the really bad stuff fixed before we can start on anything that might be relatively fun, and it isn't all that interesting to blog about. Especially when you run into some unpleasant (and expensive) snags. In case you ever wondered what termite damage looks like...

Yeah, not cool. There were spots of damage all around the house, bad enough to cause some structural concerns that had to be taken care of.

But most of it is taken care of now, and we have officially moved on the kitchen. The plan is to paint the cabinets a crisp white, get some new appliances (nothing fancy), probably do a neutral ceramic tile on the floor and paint the walls (no idea what color...). But before that, I have thirtysomething cabinet doors to take down, putty, sand, prime, putty again, sand again, then paint.

Let's not forget about the faces, too...

It's looking pretty rough, but I'm almost there, and I know once the cabinets are painted, it will make a huge difference. The painting itself goes pretty quickly, but I'm not really a huge fan of sanding.

In good news, we got a new front door!! I love the clean and simple side lights, and the guys did an awesome job putting it in without damaging any of the original wood trim.

And all new windows!! No more drafts - yay!

We haven't been working as much as we should because of the craziness of the holidays and everything, but hopefully we'll make a big push this weekend. I'd love to have the cabinets painted and then make a trip over to Home Depot to pick out some tiles and hardware next week. I promise there will be more pictures to come soon!

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