Monday, August 31, 2009

Right On, Target

I am probably the last person to realize that Target is now carrying wallpaper, but whatever - I'm pretty stoked. I was sort of in a rut picking paint colors for every room of the house, but now I'm thinking a little pattern could be nice.....I'm still not sure if I love wallpaper enough to commit to it in an entire room, but I love the idea of having a little pop of pattern and interest inside a closet or in a small room. Either way, bet your ass some of this will be happening in one way or another up at the house. Some thoughts....

A nice surprise in the back of the kitchen cabinets?

A girly graphic pop in the master closet?

Retro-kitsch to line bureau drawers?

Bold damask in the dining room?

And my absolute favorite to line the back of the china cabinet...This one will definitely be happening - I can see it already :)

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