Monday, August 3, 2009

The House Tour: Second Floor

So, continuing on the house tour, I thought I'd share pictures of the second floor. These aren't as clear as the first floor pictures, because I took them really quickly while walking through the house, and the spaces are a little smaller, so its hard to get a good perspective on the rooms. Again, these were taken before we did anything at all, so this gives you an idea of just how much there is to clean up. But, as with the rest of the house, all the rooms have potential...

The bathroom is our first big interior project to be completed before I move in. There's great tile underneath the carpet (yes, there is carpet in the bathroom, and it's as gross as you would imagine) but there's just the small problem of a gaping hole underneath the sink. Yeah. New sink, new toilet, fix the tub, new fixtures.....I can't decide if the silver foil wallpaper is awful, or kind of cool in a kitschy, retro way.

The king size bed in this picture makes the room seem a lot smaller than it actually is, but in reality its practically the entire length of the house. As you can see, my grandmother likes pink.

I'll be lucky to have two guest bedrooms, as most of our family lives out of town (or out of the country) and stay at the house when they visit. These rooms will probably be the last to be decorated, but I'm excited to have some space to play around with and maybe try out some different paint colors and projects to make them a little more fun. The "boys room" (left) is the smallest and a little dark as it's at the back of the house and has no overhead lights, so it might be a challenge, but the "girls room" has tons of light and access to the adorable balcony over the sunroom.

I've been a little slack on working on the house this past week, so hopefully I'll be making up for it this weekend.

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