Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Music

The "Another Rainy Day" Edition

So, this is the song that is supposed to play with that bouncy balls commercial I posted a couple weeks ago. It did when I first saw it, but for whatever reason, the song is different now? So much better with this one...


  1. Great post! Isn't it funny how this gives it an entirely different tone? Jose Gonzalez is my favorite to listen to over dinner with a glass of wine!

    Thanks for your feedback in the BYW forum. I agree that we have the same sort of situation. :) I'm trying to find ways to make it clearly reflect wedding and culture.


  2. where do you work? I didn't realize you were a designer! Or maybe I did and I forgot:) that would have been fun to meet.

    I ran into another designer last night, who works at Visnick Caulfield. I met her 4 years at a design summit in Atlanta. I forgot she lived in Boston. I was living in Memphis at the time. So random.