Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Music

The "A Little Bit In Love with a Total Stranger" Edition

I honestly don't know why or how I haven't shared this man on the blog yet, but I apologize for depriving you of this awesomeness. I found Wakey!Wakey! in that random, serendipitous way in which you always discover the best music: read about one band/singer, look up their MySpace/website, end up aimlessly clicking around for more until you find something like this. It's so exciting to see Michael gain a little mainstream attention lately from guest starring as "Grubbs the Bartender" on One Tree Hill (awful show, but he's great), and a small but exciting feature in the new iPad promo video (at 5:10 here).

Absolutely cannot wait for the new CD. Listen to more here, or here.

P.S. - I feel like I should apologize for being such a deadbeat blogger as of late. I'm completely slacking, but in case you didn't notice, I had a good excuse. I started my new job (!!!) last week, and while it was awesome, it made it pretty clear how severely lacking my time management skills are. But still, I shouldn't just abandon my little blog. Hopefully the adjustment period will end soon, all the craziness will die down, and I'll figure out some sort of schedule.

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