Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey, Baby

I have got babies on the brain lately. This weekend I got the great news that I'm going to be an aunt!!! My sister broke the news to the fam after months of trying, and we couldn't be happier. It seems like everyone is pregs! My sister, my lovely manager Jessica, even fellow bloggers Sherry and John over at Young House Love. Not only that, but my cousin and her husband are staying with us over the holiday and brought along their brand new baby girl, Amara. (They're Dutch transplants making a stop in Boston from Iowa before they move to Indonesia/Switzerland! A globetrotter at three months old!) My brain is already working on ideas for the new babies nursery, and of course I've taken to rifling through my inspiration files for some creative, not-so-cookie-cutter ideas...

Such a cool art installation - great way to add texture and color, not to mention start the learning early!

The dream dress up room complete with a Barbie Chandelier!

A Domino Mag classic - LOVE the wallpaper animals!

Another awesome way to use old wallpaper or craft papers to create large scale art

Black in a nursery? Somehow it works...And the best ceiling ever.

A happy and gender neutral color palette

For the super mod baby

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  1. Loving the black walls and the striped ceiling. Really graphic, sophisticated and playful. Now, I just have to convince my husband about the design and I have to convince myself that I am ready to have a baby.